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Thread: Package Autocad Architecture with Revit Architecture

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    Cool Package Autocad Architecture with Revit Architecture

    My company primarily uses ADT 3.1. We are trying to transition to revit but we would still like to use the latest version of Autocad Architecture. We simply can't afford to buy both. We have the Autocad Revit Architecture Suite but we don't use the Autocad portion.

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    Default Re: Package Autocad Architecture with Revit Architecture

    Welcome to the forum.

    Just out of curiosity, what is the company plan for transitioning? What functionality in ADT is not available to your office if you decide to do a project in Revit?

    I don't want to sound presumptuous here but if you are truly using ADT as your current BIM solution and you are under the impression that you can start a project in Revit and have AA waiting in the background in case you need to bail on Revit, I think you'd be in for a nasty surprise.
    The differences in ADT 3.1 and the current release of AutoCAD Architecture would be so dramatic that I would venture to guess that it would be the same as trying to learn Revit.

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    Default Re: Package Autocad Architecture with Revit Architecture

    Brian, welcome to AUGI Revit forum. I was using ADT until with every issue there was a new learning curve associated with the software update to the point I HATED ADT. Revit was very frustrating to learn at first (where's the frigging line command?) but as Dimitri has alluded to, there is no comparison. Revit returns you to architecture, not drafting lines. You MUST think building - how is this going to be put together, how tall is this how thick is this sheathing, etc. The most painful part of the change is the un-learning required (I had over 20 years Autocad experience before switching to Revit - I was even an Autocad/Softdesk dealer at one point in my history. Revit is the future, and well worth the committment to change. Finally I have a software that helps me create a better product and make money at the same time...

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    Default Re: Package Autocad Architecture with Revit Architecture

    If your way back on 3.3, then you would have a bigger transition to the current version of ADT than if you moved to Revit. There just isn't that much of 3.3 that people used in the real world. Walls and doors, but I've seen very few that really used it to a 3D level. Jumping from 3.3 to the current version will be very disruptive and confusing. Moving to Revit will require much less of a transition. That is not to say that you should dump the AutoCAD side. Go with the Revit series and you'll still have AutoCAD for your old detail libraries. (AutoCAD is more of a utility to do odd jobs for a Revit user.)
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