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Thread: import shp dialog doesn't show shp files in directory

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    Default import shp dialog doesn't show shp files in directory

    Hi all.
    I using Autocad map 2004 on winxp.
    I am trying to import shp files. I go to map --> import --> then choose the shp file selction.
    However, the files that I KNOW are in the directory don't show up. This is strange cause I've done this on another pc. It's like it doesn't recognize shp files, but I KNOW they're in the directory I'm specifiying.


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    Default Re: import shp dialog doesn't show shp files in directory

    I might have the answer for you since I used Autodesk Map 2004 before our latest upgrade. When using MAPIMPORT, just make sure your file type is set to ESRI Shapefile and navigate to the folder where the shapefiles are located and click OK. Another dialogue box should display that shows a list of available files in a table layout where you can specify the layer mapping for objects, whether to import data fields as object data or attributes for established blocks, etc. This is a powerful feature of the program that I use regularly.

    Always remember to AUDIT your drawing after importing shapefiles.

    You should also practice using the ATTOUT and ATTIN commands along with MS Excel. That is very handy for globally updating attribute data for blocks.

    Take care....

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