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Thread: Trouble with imported acad file line weights

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    Default Trouble with imported acad file line weights

    I am importing some details into revit, I have set the object style imported object line weightrs to 1 but the line weights are still printing thicker than they should be, I tried setting the linetypes to "by layer" in the autocad file, also at least one layers line weights are not responding to the line weight chage at all, any ideas?

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    Default Re: Trouble with imported acad file line weights

    I believe this is a bug. We submitted an issue a month or so ago now that dealt with the failure of lineweight changes to be honored with dwgs. I'll try to report back on what the specifics were because I can't access the support request database right now because it is getting an upgrade, fuzzy memory right now.

    I do recall the only way around the issue was to remove and import the file again to force Revit to honor the changes. We are trying to faithfully follow these TIPS first when importing dwg data, it helps.
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