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Thread: Eliminate Inch Mark in Dimensions

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    Default Eliminate Inch Mark in Dimensions

    Summary: The ability to eliminate or override the inch mark in dimensions when using architectural units by adding an option to the dimension style.

    Description: I wish there was a way to override or eliminate the inch mark in dimensions when using architectural units.

    How Used: A standard in the Steel Detailing Industry is to not have inch marks in dimensions. This would eliminate the need for overiding the dimension text.

    Feature Affinity: Dimensions

    Submitted By: phil mcgrail on October 23, 2007

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    Lightbulb Re: Eliminate Inch Mark in Dimensions

    perhaps move into the 21st century world with the metric system ?? drafting is SO much easier with cm/mm than inches...

    instead of 'Architectural' (more accurately called 'Imperial') units, you could also try using AutoCAD's Fractional Inches or Decimal Inches, I guess -- that way, you would retain the unit scale, but allow more flexibility with display of, and entering of numeric values.

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    Default Re: Eliminate Inch Mark in Dimensions

    <troll_mode=ON> sheesh, how do you metric folks manage to stay awake when the only conversion you do means sliding the decimal point around? _Real_ drafters use chains, pecks, and furlongs and pick their teeth with a Leroy scriber. <troll_mod=OFF>

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    sorry, I didn't mean to be rood.

    I often don't know what to do when I come across a link, a chain, a rod, or a perch on some antique survey drawings or titles -- more often than not, it's not immediately apparent what units were being used.

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