Summary: Be able to automatically create a mirrored part detailed drawing from the original part drawing that is dimensioned exacting like the original

Description: IDW: creating an automatic IDW for a mirrowed part with same dimensions and look-a-like to the original part's IDW.

How Used: We often have base plates with e.g. 80 holes or threads. And we mostly have a right and a left version of it.
We create the mirrowed part with (in German) "abgeleitete Komponente", means the mirrowed IPT is a "daughter-part" of the original IPT.
By now we have to create TWO IDWs with 80 dimensions each, although all dimensions are all the same, only mirrowed.
This would save a lot of time.

Feature Affinity: Drawing Manager

Submitted By: Ivanka Radde on October 5, 2007