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    I have been having big problems with OLE the last couple of days

    Sometime after I have cut and pastes a bitmap in to Autocad and saved and close out when I come back the OLE is blank in Autocad but I can open up the OLE from AutoCad into MSpaint and the Bitmap information is still there,

    Also most of the time I can not get changes from a open bitmap toupdate in to the AutoCad drawing

    I think there might be a relation but am not sure

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    Default Re: OLE Madness

    If you are making an image in MS Paint that you want to incorporate into an AutoCAD drawing, you might just want to avoid the OLE route altogether, and simply insert the .bmp file made in MS Paint as a raster image file. (Insert > Image Manager... > Attach...). I believe this will behave like an external reference, meaning if you update the .bmp file, the updated image will show up when you next open your .dwg file (or reload the image if the .dwg file is already open).

    Michael Evans
    Togawa Smith Martin Residential, Inc.

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    Default Re: OLE Madness

    I avoid OLE for images; they've always been erratic.

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