Upon the reinstall (after HD crash) of ADT 2006, I have encountered a problem with the "Open" dialog box titled "Select File".

The box appears after ctrl-O, as it should. The appearance of everything seems normal - "Preview" pane, tool bar with folders and Views, etc., and "File name:" and "Files type:"

The area with the trouble is "Places" - no icons, not even a graphic detent outlining the area for "Places". Right-clicking in this area brings up the properties box as it should but nothing happens when selecting "Add..." or "Add Current Folder".

Any ideas on what the trouble might be?

I don't know if this is the proper Forum for this question but one must start somewhere mustn't one.

While I am here, AutoCad is fun but maneuvering the Forum site is beyond my comprehension. How do I Subscribe to this - or any other - Forum?

Thanks, All.