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Thread: Contour Lines from Survey Points

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    Unhappy Contour Lines from Survey Points

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here and new to Civil 3D so sorry if this is a silly question. I've done some searches but couldn't find anything.

    ... For a college surveying course I've shot over 400 Points and imported them from excel to autocad (had to type them in by hand to excel). My question is can AutoCad create contour lines from the data I imported? And what is the procedure for this? All the info in the help menu talks about using contour lines to make surfaces, not the other way around. Any help is much appreciated!
    P.S. I've been working for a surveying company for 6 years doing field work and computer work, just never used this program.


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    Default Re: Contour Lines from Survey Points

    In the Civil 3D Toolspace Palette, on the prospector tab:

    Right click on 'Surfaces' and choose 'create surface'. Name your surface & choose it's layer through the dialog box that appears.

    Once you have created the new surface, expand the '+' next to it's name, and again next to 'Definition'. If the points you want to use are regular AutoCAD points (and not COGO points), under definition, right click on 'Drawing objects', and choose 'Add'. Select the points you would like to use for your surface definition.

    Once you've done that, you need to edit your Surface style to display the contours. Right click on the name of your surface (that you created), and choose 'Edit Surface Style'. On the display tab, make sure that the View Direction is 2D, and then turn the major & minor contours 'on' by selecting the light bulb just to the right of their names. Then on the Contours tab, under Contour Intervals, select the minor & major intervals you would like to display.

    Choose okay, and you should see your surface.

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    Smile Re: Contour Lines from Survey Points

    Thanks Alot!

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