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    Summary: I wish text could be used to refer to a view similar to callout bubbles, section tags, etc.

    Description: I wish text could be used to refer to a view similar to callout bubbles, section tags, etc.

    How Used: It is common to refer to specific details in keynotes and general notes throughout a set of drawings (e.g. CMU Expansion Joint. See Detail A9/A100).

    One of the great aspects of Revit is being able to refer to an existing view (plan, section, etc) with an object like a callout bubble or section tag.

    If we could link a piece of text to a specific view, similar to creating a hyperlink in a word document, it would mean one less item to worry about when coordinating a set of drawings before submittal.

    Feature Affinity: Annotation tools

    Submitted By: Adam Nicholes on September 18, 2007

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    By the subject I thought you meant to open the URL in a quicker way than currently. I think in ACAD, you Ctrl-click to open an object's URL. Why not in Revit?

    Even better if the URL could contain a view in a Revit project like:

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