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Thread: Custom arrow head

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    Default Custom arrow head

    Is it possible to have and arrow head as the one shown in this image?
    if so cuold you tell me how?
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    Default Re: Custom arrow head

    Nope. Revit can't do those nice square edges...
    Don't drink the Kool-Aid...
    Aaron Rumple, AIA

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    Default Re: Custom arrow head

    Hey there,

    Your arrow heads are exactly like my old hand drawn chisel 9 mm pentel ones, only more uniform. (And, most other hand drafters from "the day".)

    I tried to duplicate it years ago. (See attached image) Now, I still use this one and another one which is a filled in arrow. Aaron is correct about the square edges however. In addition, you can't create an arrow which is greater than 90 degrees, which your heads are. If you zoom into mine, you will see the edges are rounded, in true Revit fashion. You can minimize this by changing the head's line weight; however, you loose the boldness and readability in my opinion. I like it around 6 or 7, which is what I used for this example.

    Good luck
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