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Thread: Edit Selected Spaces shows no selections [FMDesktop]

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    Question Edit Selected Spaces shows no selections [FMDesktop]

    In Facility Manager 7.1, I'm in the Drawing Navigator, I select multiple spaces, then choose 'Edit Selected' and apply a finish to my spaces...

    except, I notice on the 'Space List' tab of the 'Edit Selected Spaces' dialog, that there are no spaces listed as selected... although you can clearly see that I've got some selected (see attachment).

    Am I missing something here?

    Edit: just thought I'd share a video where I walk through selecting the spaces and show my results (noting that the dialog shows the total square footage of all of the selected spaces, but, does not list the spaces).
    It's probably something pretty obvious that I'm doing incorrectly, and I'd really appreciate any correction on it.
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