ObjectDBX enables to read from a DWG file without opening it. This functionality would be great; it gives us opportunity to create a simple but effective utility that would read attribute's values from title-blocks and fill in (or update) our 'Project Drawing Database' (no time would be spent on opening and closing numerous drawings of the project).

I downloaded ObjectDBXOESetup.exe, tried to install ObjectDBX and found that its installation requires AutoCAD 2002 (or older). This is a very strange limitation; if ObjectDBX is compatible and legitimate with AutoCAD 2004 (and later) it should be installable with 2004, shouldn't it?
Is there any way to install ObjectDBX having AutoCAD 2004 (or 2005) only? Or we have to install 2002 temporarily every time just to enable ObjectDBX installation?
Or, perhaps, there is a later subversion of DBX that doesn't require 2002 for installation?

P.S. of cause, RealDWG would work, but its high price is justifiable only for a large software developer (not for little guys like us).

Thank you in advance for your advice,