I like to use a macro to do an automated Block list.
If i use -eattext in a menue. The problem is, that it doesn't place a table.

The goal is to push one potton and then it shuld:

- Open the layout… (Materialliste)

- Set layer …( W_Plan_L3.5)

- Place an Table with all dwg blocks at the top (x-axis 10units, y-axys-180 units) like jpg

Unfortunaly this is not working:

[Materia&lliste ]^C^C_-Layout;SE;Materialliste;-layer;set;"W_Plan_L3.5";;_eattext;+V;^I;^I;^I;^I,^I;^I;^I;^I;^I;^I;^I;^I;+T;W;W;W;W;W;F;10,180;