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Thread: Metric Scale & Plot

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    Default Metric Scale & Plot

    I have a Topo drawing that I xref'ed into my plan and did some layout work.
    My unit were set to Feet & Inch. I need to plot out the drawing @ 1:1000
    How do I set that up.???

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    Default Re: Metric Scale & Plot

    Do you want 1" to equal 1000' or 1' equal 1000'. I think most civils do 1"=1'-0" to begin with as they use decimal and just make it decimal feet. The main way I've seen it done is to scale the drawing down by a factor of 12 (this converts the inches to feet) make is a decimal drawing. Or do you need to make it 1 mm = 1M. If you need to do that, to convert to metric I believe you would scale the drawing by the said conversion factor.
    1' = 304.8mm. 1"=25.4mm.
    Let me know if I just made you more confused.

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