I'm new to this forum. I've been working a bit with writing routines in VB. I use AutoCAD Map 5. I am by no means an expert. Far from it.

I've run into a problem that I hope someone can answer for me.

During some of the batch routines that I have which perform specific tasks, I sometimes get an error on certain maps. This error causes the macro to stop and pops up a dialog box which prompts me to hit the "OK" button. I would like to bypass this error if possible so that the macro will continue to run without waiting for me to hit the "OK" button. (To track down and fix the error on hundreds of maps would be too time consuming)

I have been told that the error is likely an internal MAP error so I was hoping that someone here could help me.

Is there a way that I can place code in my macro that would allow me to bypass this error? (The error is consistant. It is always ERRCODE; Value: 786434.)

Something along these lines:
If err.Number=786434 then
Msgbox "Error occured with internal MAP error number: " & err.Number
<do your things here>
end if

Can anyone help me with this?

I appreciate your help.