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Thread: Project Information Parameters

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    Default Project Information Parameters

    I would like to be able to display "Project Information" parameter data in some other location than a title block. The data I'd like to put here is info like Building Code, Seismic Use Group, Basic Wind Speed, etc. They are parameters typical to the building as a whole and not to a specific building or site component.

    Here is my approach thus far. I am curious to know if there is more elegant solution.

    1. I created a Shared Parameter called: Building Code and assigned it to the "Project Information" category in the project file.

    2. I created a new title block family and added the Building Code shared parameter.

    3. The only thing in this new family is a label assigned to the Building Code parameter - no line work, text, or labels.

    4. Load the new family in to the project.

    5. In the project, drag this new family onto the sheet. And tada! It displays the Building Code information. Yes, there are two title blocks on the sheet, the primary element containing the borders, sheet number/title, etc. and the other one with just the Building Code info.

    I'd prefer to put this information in a Revit Schedule, but alas Project Information is not available for scheduling.

    I have created a key schedule to display this data and keyed it to Area Loads (since much of this data is used to derive design loads), but this seems to go against the nature of Revit.

    I am not opposed to giving a shot at this with the Revit API, but I was hoping for a simpler method.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Project Information Parameters

    The required code information and other project data varries from oplace to place so much, that we've found the simlest way to deal with it is straightforward text in a drafting view. That is then placed on the cover sheet.

    It has to be typed in each time anyway and even if we did schedule it somehow, it wouldn't be used to process any other information. Avoids having to mess with managing a bunch of shared parameters.

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