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Thread: missing tool bar

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    Unhappy missing tool bar

    I opened up inventor and found that the tool bars were all messed up, half off the visible viewing area (dual monitor with different resolution) which was fixed but the main tool bar which controls everything else is missing (it may be there but off the visible viewing area). Is there anyway to show it again, I haven't been able to find a hotkey or any other keystroke commands that will do it. Is the only way to show it again to reinstall? I would rather not have to take the trouble to do that.

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    Default Re: missing tool bar

    Did you try going to Tools>Customize? That should let you get the toolbar if it's been turned off.

    If not, it may be off the screen (due to your dual monitor situation). The only way to fix THAT (as far as I know), is to crank up your resolution as high as it will go to get the tool bar to show up, then move it back. Or hook it up to the second monitor long enough to move the password.

    Once that's done, you should be able to turn your resolution back down.
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