Summary: Better clean up of intersections of pipes when one pipe is a single line style and the other a double line style.

Description: Make pipes displaying a "center-line" style clean up nicely when attached to a pipe with a "double-line" style that has "clean up pipe-to-pipe connections" is turned on, or a structure with a style that has masking turned on.

How Used: At the City of Seattle (Seattle Public Utilities), we display side sewers as "single lines" while mainlines are generally shown as "double lines". The problem we are encountering is that, when using pipes, the side sewers appear to go to the center of the mainline, rather than cut off at the outside edge.

Another problem is when we have a pipe with a single-line style attached to a structure that has a style with masking turned on, it appears that the pipe goes inside the structure instead of being cut off at the outside edge of the structure (double line pipe styles look great, as they cut off at the outside edge of the structure).

Feature Affinity: Pipes

Submitted By: Josh Jones on January 10, 2008