Summary: Access C3D object data in AutoCAD Fields, such as, parcel area, alignment length or point elevation.

Description: I wish I could access C3D object data in AutoCAD Fields. For example, when creating a field and selecting a parcel as an object I want to be able get the parcel area or perimeter. Currently the only parcel data I can access with a field is the parcel style.

The same holds true for points, surfaces, alignments. I wish I could get a TIN's 2D area in a field, an alignments length, a point's elevation.

How Used: Users will be able to do virtually any calculation they need in Civil 3D. Fields can be inserted into Dimensions, Mtext & Tables. The power & flexibility are endless.

Our office would use this to have plan notes, dimensions & tables reference and perform calculation on the the design data. Having our municipal zoning tables, stakeout & pipe tables dynamically linked will save us a great deal of time.

Feature Affinity: Other

Submitted By: John Mayo on January 10, 2008