I don't really understand a whole lot about autocad interfacing with excel. I have done a search on excel in the lisp forums and found a few things, but don't understand the code.I have code written for a program that uses a dialogue box. The user will pick or enter the necessary data. I am looking to connect to an excel spreadsheet that has multiple workbooks. Depending on what data that is selected in the dialogue box depicts which worksheet that should be selected and what data should be taken off that work sheet. In the end i will use the data from the excel sheet to draw an object with the dimensional data from the excel worksheet.

I am sure this is possible from some code i have found through my search, but i don't know what commands to use to select the range of data i would like returned, how to open the correct worksheet, and how to do all this behind the scenes either as the user is selecting the necessary input data from the diaogue or after the user has selected ok.