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Nice to have appreciation for those drafters who learned on the board, but, how many places still teach board drafting? By the time that i got to community college (1999), there were no boards, it was all CAD. There was one teacher who had us do one project on paper, but, people did really miserably.
me again!

anyway, I'm glad that I learned on board.......computers & I still don't mix very well & if I'd had to learn CAD right away, I'd have given up on my dream! sure, CAD frustrates me still; sure, I wish I could just draw something on a piece of paper that looks exactly like what my engineer wants it to look, BUT........I think for those of us who can do both, just differences in experiences & who knows what can happen!

also, I don't believe they teach anything having to do with board around here..........HS or college level. my old HS got CAD the year after I graduated...........I was soooooooo relieved!

see ya!