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Thread: AEC contour labels

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    Default AEC contour labels

    I am trying to get the AEC contour labels (text height) to automatically update when xref'ed into other drawings that are set to different scales. I know that this is possible; I have do so in the past. I just can't remember if there is some specific setting that I have to enable. I didn't think so; I thought that it was done automatically.

    Unfortunately, the firm I am working for now is just starting to use AEC contours as the standard, and it has been over a year since I have done this. I might add that we are still using AutoCAD 2005. (Although some users are using AutoCAD 2006.)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: AEC contour labels

    I could have sworn the labels used to resize when xreffed into a drawing with a different scale. My recollection was that the lables would change height based on the text style in the drawing. I also recall that this functionality was not reliable; sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.

    However, after testing this in 2008 I could not get the text height of xreffed contours to change no matter what I did.

    The text of xreffed contours would rotate to be plan readable in a twisted viewport and the text would change height based on the text style height when the contours were not xreffed.

    So that probably explains why, for the last several years, we have been creating several contour drawings, each with a different text height for the scales we are using within the plan set.
    Jeff Paulsen

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