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Thread: Assign draworder to layers in advance?

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    Default Assign draworder to layers in advance?

    My company has in place a general "hatch" layer that plots to its object color of 253-light gray. My question is whats the easiest way, if any, to keep all objects on this layer in the background so it plots correctly? If this layer is not sent to back upon printing then the gray sometimes prints on top of the other "black" lineweights. We currently have to do a "qselect" and select all objects on this layer and send to back, but sometimes this step gets forgotten so I'd like to set something up to automatically do this.

    We use a .ctb file and this is the only "color" being printed because people like the contrast better with this gray than simply using a lineweight of 0.00mm.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Assign draworder to layers in advance?

    (defun c:advanceplot (/ ss)
    (setq ss (ssget "_X" '((8 . "LAYER"))))
    (command "Draworder" ss "" "B")
             (command "_.PLOT")
    you could try this, I haven't tested it

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