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Thread: 3DS MAX: Camera name error

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    Default 3DS MAX: Camera name error

    I disovered something last night that I thought I should share so that you all wouldn't repeat my mistake:

    I recently cloned a camera and adjusted it as per the client's request. For whatever reason I named it "Print View" Camera (with the quotation marks). Once everything was set up a sent it to the render farm via back burner. I checked in on the progress just before I waqs about to leave and found that it had errored out several times. The error message was: Camera "Print View" Camera has been found but not defined. Once I removed the quotes, it rendered without a catch.

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    Default Re: 3DS MAX: Camera name error

    Thats interesting. I'll have to take a look in the manual and see if there is anything in regard to far as naming stuff goes...if not...might be worth forwarding on to Autodesk.

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