I run into an odd problem every so often when I'm working on drawings. I have found a work around, but I thought I would post to see if anyone else has run into this. The problem is that in some drawings I am unable to change the annotative scales of objects. It turns out that in these drawings when I lock a particular layer (the GRID layer) it locks the scales of the annotative objects in the drawings.

I have been unable to track down how these objects have become associated with the GRID layer, as the multileaders are on the NOTES layer, the dimensions are on the DIMS layer, and the blocks are on a variety of other layers.

At any rate, I have been temporarily unlocking the GRID layer to make changes, but the annotative scales lock again when I lock the layer. Today I found out that if I just change the name of the layer to GRID2 or the like and then change it back, all of the scales will be freed from the tyranny of the locked layer. Just another AutoCAD oddity.