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    Default Overwhelming Text

    If I want to add some text to a dimension line the text editor will zoom the text so it overwhelms everything else on the screen. I have to zoom out and when I hit ok I am zoomed out from my original view. Is there a fix for this?
    Some of you will suggest that I use the prefix and suffix but for longer lines I prefer to just add the lines using ddedit.
    This has been happening ever since we installed SP1 to LT2008. It didn't happen prior to that.

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    Default Re: Overwhelming Text

    Additional Info:
    This will not happen to Multileader text, Mtext or Dtext. It only happens with dimension text.
    For example: I am working on a plan view with a scale of 1:32. If I am zoomed in so I can read the text on the screen and try to edit a line of dimension text, the entire screen is filled with the text or a portion of. If I change the annoscale to 1:1, then I am able to edit the text without zooming out. So it is zooming the text in proportion to the annotative scale. I do not want to keep switching the annoscale everytime I edit a line of dimension text.

    Any ideas?

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    If the text you want to add to dimension is not too long, try this:
    1. Select dimension to which you want to add text
    2. Then activate "properties"
    3. Activate "Text"
    4. Fill in "text override" (do not forget to start with the value of the dimension which is given by the "measurement" field)

    I have repetead the operations that you have described.
    On my ACLT 2008 it is not happening what you describe so I cannot exactly understand what is happening on your soft.
    Best regards.

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