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Thread: Double Click Actions have Red Slash

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    Default Double Click Actions have Red Slash

    A co-workers double click actions in the CUI have a red slash across them. Not sure why and double clicking is not fully working. See attached
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    Default Re: Double Click Actions have Red Slash

    Just a thought, you may want to re-install his mouse driver. Or is he using a one of those fance mice that have 12 buttons on them? Just seems like maybe the mouse isn't playing nice with windows.
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    Default Re: Double Click Actions have Red Slash

    I was trying to figure this one out, but couldn't. I know that sometimes, when I create a new double click, I get the red slashes when the name doesn't match the object name under the advanced tab in the properties box (the big one to the right in CUI). I doubt that all of them aren't matching, though.

    If you figure it out, let us know.
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