Description: I think it would be highly useful to be able to cross-link tables and blocks, more in depth than is currently enabled.

How Used: Imagine you are a window designer, and you have a building with hundreds of windows of all different sizes. So you draw all of your window elevations, and each one requires a different size piece of glass. So, you create a dynamic block of a rectangle that you can place in each window, and stretch to the extents of the glass size on each elevation. Once you have done that, you can just run EATTEXT and get a list of all of your glass sizes required for the job. Now, you have to be able to tell your field personnel where each piece of glass is used. So, there is no other way than to add a column to your table, insert ID numbers to each glass size, then go and input those same ID numbers on each corresponding window elevation.

If you could put a field in the dynamic block that would reference the part ID number you manually place in the table, all of your elevations could be partmarked instantly through that link.

I can think of many other uses, andI think it would be a huge time saver across many industries

Feature Affinity: I looked up Affinity, but still dont understand what I need to put here!