am having some issues with my Detail Component Manager. And some problems with the forums as it just ate my post. Boourns.

I'm working with MEP 2008.

I am having a hard time with getting my detail component manager to stick to my profile. This is how I've been setting things up:

-Logged onto my computer under my username (This becomes important later)
-Fixed profile.
-Made certain things to point to our network (The N:\ Drive) and set the detail component database to MWDatabase.mdb which is on N:\. I deleted the ones that were on the C:\ (The default databases).

So the profile was good and I could access the right database and everything looks peachy keen. I then exported the profile to the server.

I then logged onto another computer with my username. I then imported the profile to MEP 2008 and it was all working and I was happy.

Then we started testing with other users on the same computer that the profile was created on and the second computer that we're using for the testing phase of this project.

When we click on the detail component database it goes back to the default AutoDesk databases OR an error saying that there are no databases. But then if I go back into the options box to set the database, it points to the N:\ drive anyway. WHY WHY WHY would it be pointing to the N:\ drive and not choose the write database?

Could someone shed some light? I need help.