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Thread: Presspull and DELOBJ

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    Default Presspull and DELOBJ

    i have set up the variable DELOBJ in 2, but when i use presspull the definition geometry is not eliminated.
    Why? Where i Mistake?

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    Default Re: Presspull and DELOBJ

    Not your mistake, it's a bug (or just the way it works, depending on your opinion). Extrude and Sweep respect DELOBJ, Presspull does not. This is the case from 2007 to 2009.

    It could be argued that it's not a bug, because of the wide range of different areas that Presspull supports, including intersecting objects. If an area to be extruded is found that is formed by the intersection of two plines, what should be deleted? One pline, both, none, or should the relevant parts of both plines be trimmed off?
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