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Thread: Revolving Door for Curtain Walls

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    Default Revolving Door for Curtain Walls

    Attached are a couple of curtain wall revolving doors that actually flex correctly and work like a curtain panel. There are other revolving door families floating in cyberspace but I never really liked the solutions. Either the curtain wall families did not flex correctly at all or we had to use a work-around that seemed like too much trouble and too many steps (swapping the panel for a wall and inserting a regular revolving door in the wall and then remembering to change it of the curtain wall changed).

    I have been tinkering with this on and off for months under the assumption that something had to work. The Offset parameter and related formulas allows a negative location like the System Panel. Thanks to Robert Manna for this tip.

    Finally, for the content purists, these families were not designed to be any other than generic. The goal was something that worked and was good enough in all views to convey "revolving doorness." It also had to be simple and intuitive for our teams. If you really want to detail all the stuff in manufacturer drawings, have fun deconstructing what I did!
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