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Thread: Can't view conduit from ACAD MEP 2008

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    Default Can't view conduit from ACAD MEP 2008


    We are e-transmitting ACAD MEP Files showing electrical conduits to a General
    Contractor who uploads them into NavisWorks for coordination with other trades.

    The problem is the electrical conduit does not view properly in NavisWorks. The conduit
    appears as wireframe box shapes.

    We tried sending the files as conceptual objects and we also adjusted the display configurations in AutoCAD MEP 2008. No luck.

    As a side note, the general contractor does not own a liscence of AutoCAD.

    Any sugestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Can't view conduit from ACAD MEP 2008

    There should be an enabler that is required to render that proxy items in your catalog. See if you can find that and send it to the GC for their version of Navis.

    You can try to client export through Autocad, I recall that some of the trades are sending files that way to fix some of the rendering problems.

    You can also save a new copy of the drawing (to an upload file), explode it once and send that.

    There is another way, from AutoCad, type "nwdout" (You must have a valid publisher license running), save and send that file to import.

    You could use "nwcout" from the comand line (if you have a valid Roamer license) to generate a Navis Cache File to send to your contractors (for use with Roamer only, will not work with Freedom), your GC can then import the .nwc file just like they would import your .dwg file.

    One of these should get you up and running.

    Best of Luck,


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