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Thread: Naming Fields in Virtual Part

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    Default Naming Fields in Virtual Part

    Summary: Be able to input quantity, part no. and description when creating a virtual part

    Description: When creating a virtual component (via create component,check virtual box) have a field to enter the quantity and then automatically open the iprops after you hit "OK" so you can enter part number,description,revision info,etc..

    How Used: This wish will just save time because the current solution requires you to open the bill of materials screen and enter that information.

    Feature Affinity: Assemblies

    Submitted By: Brian Burch on March 24, 2008

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    Default Re: Naming Fields in Virtual Part

    Being able to add the quantity would be nice. You can edit the part no., description and other properties of the virtual part by right clicking on it in the assembly browser and choosing "Properties"

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