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Thread: Custom Button? How to create in Acad 2008?

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    Question Custom Button? How to create in Acad 2008?

    I am fairly new to Acad 2008 - but an experienced Acad user.
    I am trying to create some custom buttons - previously you had a grid & could make the button however you wanted. For example I am wanting a butto for the command ddmodify - but cant find one - so I thought I would try & create one ... any ideas? Thanks
    Aaron W

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    Arrow Re: Custom Button? How to create in Acad 2008?

    Are you using AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT? (you posted in the LT group)

    I think it's pretty much the same though.
    Take a look at this tutorial over at Ellen Finkelstein's web site.
    R.K. McSwain | CAD Panacea |

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    Default Re: Custom Button? How to create in Acad 2008?

    "Ddmodify" now opens the Properties manager.
    Type "CUI", scroll the Command list down and double-click Properties. The Button image opens and there is a button marked EDIT.
    In the editor there is an OPEN button in case you want to load in another image file.
    John B

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