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Thread: Plotting problem ACA 2008

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    Default Plotting problem ACA 2008

    Anybody have a problem with the plotter configuration (pc3) not staying configured. What has been happening is i'll set up the pc3 with the correct plotter and stuff. then randomly go to use it again and it whants me to set up the plotter for that pc3 again like it wasn't set up before. Another thing is it keeps creating a new pc3 each time but adding the letter "a" at the end of teh name. at one point we had a pc3 file with 16 "a" after the name.
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    Default Re: Plotting problem ACA 2008

    I had similar problems; the first thing I would recommend is forget PC3 files, especially if you have multiple users on a network. Use windows printers and faxes to set the plot settings not ACAD. Remember; when you make a print setting change in windows you must restart ACAD for the changes to take effect.

    I found that with multiple users on a network ACAD, plotters and M/S server can cause a lot of grief when plotting.

    Try setting up all you plotters as "local" windows plotters with the same name and settings on each individual workstation, it is imperative that ALL settings are EXACTLY the same and the plotter drivers are the same for each workstation. This should eliminate the creation of multiple PC3 file.

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