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Ok, I've implemented the DATALINK Delete. Had to provide a way of also deleting any tables using the selected DATALINK. Otherwise, AutoCAD crashes if you then select the table.

Run the DICTEDIT command, select the ACAD_DATALINK dictionary in the left list. Select the DATALINK item in the List of Items (right-bottom). Click the Delete Item button. It will ask you a "Are you sure" question - just so you don't accidentally erase something you didn't want. If the link is used in a table - it will again ask if you also want to delete the table(s). If you answer No to any of the 2 questions nothing will be done.

I've also "wrapped" the entire command in an undo group, so if you decide it's a stuff-up you can simply undo to restore the data links and / or tables as before.
Nice job....worked for me. Thank you greatly.