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Thread: Dwgprops, and vlax functions

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    Default Dwgprops, and vlax functions

    I am trying to write a lisp routine that needs to call the comments found under dwgprops. I know that this is able to be accessed via vba and resides at ThisDrawing.Acad.AcadSummaryInfo.Comments.

    Here is what I thought might work
    (setq #whatever (vlax-get-properties ThisDrawing.Acad.AcadSummaryInfo.Comments))

    This obviously is not the right syntax, mostly because it didn't work

    Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated as always,
    Jason Self

    P.S. If this double posts I am sorry, I couldn't find what I though I had posted this morning and figured that I didn't actually submit it.

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    Default Re: Dwgprops, and vlax functions

    In lisp, it's a multistage task to query objects as it doesn't use the dot syntax that VBA uses. These steps will get you to the Comments property:

    (setq acad_app (vlax-get-acad-object)
          activeDoc (vla-get-activeDocument acad_app)
          dwgProps (vla-get-summaryInfo activeDoc)
          comments (vla-get-comments dwgprops)

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