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Thread: Adjusting an Aerial Image Material

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    Default Adjusting an Aerial Image Material

    I have a terrain object in a Viz model. I have an aerial image that I want to map to the terrain. My image is larger than the terrain model. When I place the aerial image on the terrain model the image is not centered correctly. What should I do to adjust the material map to properly center it on the terrain model?

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    Default Re: Adjusting an Aerial Image Material

    First, set your tiling for the image to 1.
    Then select the object with the image applied to it. If it doesn't already have a UVW Map applied to it, do so now and set the tiling settings to match the material. Then in the modifier stack expand the UVW modifier and select the gizmo and then in the drawing window move it until the image aligns to the desired location.

    Or just use photoshop (or similar program) to adjust the image to match the terrain.
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