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Thread: Opening Viz 2006 files with Viz 2008

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    Unhappy Opening Viz 2006 files with Viz 2008

    Our company upgraded from VIZ 2006 to 2008. I am having problems opening my past 2006 files. There are pieces of the scene that are being interpreted in crazy ways. For example, if you look at the plan view of the room, there are two black bow-tie-looking things near the bottom of the picture. The geometry of them looks pointy and weird compared to what it used to look like in 2006. When I HAD opened it again in 2006 it looked perfect, but now our system lost 2006 and this is what we get with 2008. Any tips on how to get 2008 to understand the files better from 2006?
    The other image has a large black floating object that is just sitting there and I beleive is associated with some geometry of part of the room it can't understand. In other views, and in modeling, the black thing does not show up. It's not some object sitting there that I can just pick and delete.
    Also, the light looks SIGNIFICANTLY different from what it used to look like. I'd have to say it looks pretty dang ugly now.
    Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Default Re: Opening Viz 2006 files with Viz 2008

    Please note I have moved this from the 3ds MAX General forum to the VIZ General forum.
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