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Thread: Tool Palette Layer Set

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    Default Tool Palette Layer Set

    Please give me some feedback on this idea. I want to add our block library to a series of tool palettes in Acad2009. I don't want to manage the insertion layers via the palette. Too time consuming and error prone. The idea:
    Create a VBA reactor to watch for 'ObjectAdded' event and if the object is a block named 'dcclpdata'. Get the EffectiveName and use that to query a database for the proper layer settings. Then take the appropriate steps to add the layer if needed and set the item to that layer. Does this make sense? Is there a better way? What is this dcclpdata block anyway? Can it be relied on in this case or is it used elsewhere....


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    Default Re: Tool Palette Layer Set

    Yes makes sense should be easy enough, like you say quicker than setting tool palettes too!

    Not sure what you mean by dcclpdata though?

    Private Sub AcadDocument_ObjectAdded(ByVal Object As Object)

    If TypeOf Object Is AcadBlockReference Then

    Dim blockObj As AcadBlockReference

    Set blockObj = Object

    MsgBox "You have added a block named " & blockObj.Name & "and it is currently on layer " & blockObj.layer & ". " & vbCrLf & _
    "Add some code to change the layer based upon the name!"

    End If

    End Sub


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