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Thread: compaibility issue of autocad architecture 2008 with vista

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    Default Compatibility issue of AutoCAD architecture 2008 with vista wins

    I am having a hard time in installing ACA2008 onto vista windows OP SYS; the installation is smooth till I run ACA2008 and find out that @ properties palette the style does not appear and all objects re walls, mass elements are specified as AEC_WALL or AEC_MASS _ELEM with NO indications to style.
    Moreover, in the PROPERTIES palette, the DESIGN subfolder is minimized to "General" and "3d Visualization" tabs the rest is either shaded or nonexistent.
    Keep in mind that walls&mass elements are usually set as WALL and MASS ELEMENT in PROPERTIES palette and the Tabs in each are much more in subdivisions.

    I'd appreciate any help to resolve this problem.
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    Default Re: compaibility issue of autocad architecture 2008 with vista

    Welcome to AUGI and congrats on your first post.

    Well, I ran ACA2008 on Vista for a short time, and now I'm running ACA2009 on Vista and I've not had that problem. I'd suggest doing a repair, or even a clean reinstall. Have your tried either yet?
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    Default Re: compaibility issue of autocad architecture 2008 with vista

    What kind of hardware are you using? ie box config.
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