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Thread: ACA (ADT) object Import

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    Default ACA (ADT) object Import

    Our office currently uses ACA 2008. We manage several buildings at a world headquarters campus. Several of these buildings were built many years ago and over time have been input into AutoCAD in various forms. We are in the process of developing a CAD standard to bring all the floor plans of each building up to. At some point in the future we will most likely be moving over to Revit within 12 to 18 months, hopefully. I am concerned about the standard we are now developing and how the drawings will translate into Revit. We are planning on using basic ACA walls, windows, doors, etc. we will not be delving deeply into the capabilities of ACA and customizing a lot of stuff. At this point how well does ACA objects, walls, windows, doors, etc. translate into Revit? Also, any semi solid ideas about how this would work in the future would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: ACA (ADT) object Import

    This is possible using IFC exports from ACA and import IFC into Revit. There is likly going to be some translation issues from one to the other. Attached is a VERY simple example of using IFC to go from ACA to Revit. The objects in the Revit project were all created in ACA and then exported to IFC. That IFC file was imported into Revit.
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