I would like to be able to create a new Property Set tool (like a Schedule Tag tool, but without the Tag, see here for more information) by dragging the Property Set from Style Manager onto an editable tool palette. Currently, you have to make a copy of an existing Schedule Tag tool (or, if you have one, a Property Set tool) and edit the properties to make the tool Property Set only (if starting with a Schedule Tag tool), point to the right source file (if the original tag did not) and specify the desired properties. Being able to drag-and-drop to create a new tool from a Property Set Definition in the Style Manager would be easier and more efficient.

It would be really cool if you could drag multiple Property Set Defintions from the same source file and have them all specified to be added in a single tool, but if sorting out what to do if Property Set Definitions that applied to mutually exclusive object types were chose poses a major problem, I would settle for dragging one, then editing the tool to add one or more additional Property Sets.