It would cut down keystrokes considerably if all input boxes where decimal values are typed had auto-fill suggestions to complete the decimal. This could work similar to the word completion suggestions used in word processors. If you type in the first couple letters of a common word it guesses the word you are typing and suggests it. If you then hit enter you accept the word. If you do not want the suggestion you keep typing your desired word. If Inventor used this concept in dialog boxes where decimals are used it could suggest decimal values that correspond to common fractional numbers, every 1/64 of an inch for example. Then you would only have to type at most two decimal numbers to narrow the suggestions to what you want. For example: if you typed .3 it would suggest .375 (3/ because this is the most common decimal value starting with .3, if you continued to type .34 it would suggest .34375 (11/32) because this is the only decimal value corresponding to even 1/64 fractions that starts with .34. You would then only have to hit enter to accept the value. If you do not want the value you can continue to type the value you want. Since the majority of numbers used correspond to even fractional values, this would save a considerable amount of keystrokes and would also help to eliminate mistyped values. This concept would mostly be helpful when using English standards but could possibly be helpful in metric also.