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Thread: Legal issues with what you share?

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    Default Legal issues with what you share?

    I had initially posted this in the practice area and got no responses.

    We finally have some engineers who will be working in REVIT and we are wanting to set up office procedures on what and how we share our model. Our concern is not about the model but all of the other items in the central file. In particular, we are concerned about all of the 2d work that may be incomplete as well as option studies that may not have been accepted or even presented. In our office, we have control and can delete what should be deleted but once we share it ....

    We think we need to purge the file of all items except the model and some preset views that will share our 2d grids, levels and dimensions. What is your office doing?

    Have you looked at the legal issues?


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    Default Re: Legal issues with what you share?

    I detach a copy of the central file and strip it of everything that the consultants don't need, 2D details, proprietary, etc and then save to a new name before we ship it off.


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