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Thread: Window Assembly HELP!!!

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    Default Window Assembly HELP!!!

    Okay cad geniuses, I can't figure out how to make the following window. It's a raked window, with divided lights on one side and the top. I know it can be done with a door / window assembly, but I don't have a clue how. My attempts aren't even coming close. Can someone first, whip this out for me, then second, give me some insight as to how you did it?? I also tried using a profile, but only the frame came out, the window was just a huge peice of glass.

    Oh yea, I'm using ACA2009. Thanks in advance!

    Dab Nabbit!!!! I'm in the wrong forum. I coulda swore I was in the ACA side of things. Ummmm, Mr. Moderator, can you move this Puh-leaz!!! Thanks.
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