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Thread: Autodesk Map 3D with Oracle

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    Lightbulb Autodesk Map 3D with Oracle

    I put forward for your consideration my view that Autodesk Map 3D's pairing with Oracle cannot move past great until the relationship between the two products is strengthened.

    Oracle error messages encountered while using Map need to be passed back to the user. And in such a way that the error messages can be copied and pasted into a request for help. This would include informational messages such as those telling the user their Oracle password is about to expire, the number of grace logins remaining, etc.

    Also, the ability for a user to change their Oracle password from within Map needs to exist. The workarounds I'm aware of -- using SQLPLus, or writing a custom password change application -- I consider to be less than optimal.

    As things stand now Map and Oracle work together great so long as nothing goes wrong.



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    Don't use Oracle (can't afford it), but this make sense to me
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    Default Re: Autodesk Map 3D with Oracle

    Let's go one better here....
    How about just making the Eror messages generated by
    MAP more useful. Even as it currently exits one can choose
    between three error message levels 0, 1, or 2 and in any
    setting the resultant message is no better at helping the user
    solve the actual error the message indicates exists.
    This is no better than back when the cumpter would simply
    BEEP on error, oh yea thats real meaningful! BEEP

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