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Thread: Challenging Macro to reverse the function of an existing macro

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    Default Challenging Macro to reverse the function of an existing macro

    Not sure how to do this....Need a macro that will do the opposite of origianl macro see worksheet "Deal Selection" clearly marke with arrows.....

    Current the user can select from the blue ADD macro button via a userform a supply customer (radio button) and then a demand customer via the chk box same userfrom then > click ok

    second userform you have the option of either selecting opt FOB or DES (at present you can only select the supply worksheet) demand worksheet inactivite..........

    hence the macro creates aworksheet and posts it to the work book.......

    KNOW i need to do the opposite of this..........via the new macro buttons clearly marked on worksheet "Deal Selection"..........

    so this time i want the demand customers with the radio button and the supply customer on the chk box........
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    Default Re: Challenging Macro to reverse the function of an existing macro

    Parminder, I deleted your other post as you requested. That was also an Excel related question. Do you realize this is an AutoCAD community? Your request might have a greater audience if you posted your question to an Excel community, such as the one at Microsoft. I'm not saying that you can't post your question here, just that there might not be much interest.
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