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Thread: Lisp routine for Labeling Northing and Easting

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    Default Lisp routine for Labeling Northing and Easting

    Not sure this is a proper request, but I'm looking for a lisp routine for labeling northing and eastings... with a catch. We would also like a leader routine incorporated into this. I have a routine that populates a block but the insertion point is right on your pick similar to LDD's way of labeling NE. Then you have 2 do it the old school way!.. label your point, then draw your leader, then move your text. Then finally make any adjustments you need!

    Has anyone done this before?

    Thanks for the help, Mike

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    Smile Re: Lisp routine for Labeling Northing and Easting

    i think i've got what you need, see attached
    LabelPoint_2.lsp will display 2 decimal places
    LabelPoint_4.lsp will display 4 decimal places

    Type "lp2" or "lp4" to initiate (without the quotes, of course)

    These both will put an arrowhead at the point you want to label and let you choose where you want the text to be.

    hope this helps............Jim
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