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Thread: Detail Component Manager

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    Default Detail Component Manager

    The last time I changed the display of the details coming out of the manager
    (i.e. changing them between a cross section view, plan view, and elevation view).
    I was using ADT 2007 now I’m using Acad MEP 2008
    It’s been a while since I’ve done this, and I can’t remember how.
    Hopefully it can be done, and hopefully it’s the same way.
    Could someone please refresh my memory?

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    Default Re: Detail Component Manager

    If you were to ask this question in say the Autocad MEP forums, I'll bet you'll get a much faster answer... Perhaps one of our wonderful mods will move it there for you.
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    Default Re: Detail Component Manager

    Use the Properties palette to set the view to the desired type after selecting the desired detail component but before starting to draw.

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    Default Re: Detail Component Manager

    Wonderful moderator is moving said thread to the DCM forum...
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